Italian Bottochino Marble Inlay Table Top

₹ 13500 ₹ 10999
Product Overview

Product Type: Marble Table Top

Material: Italian Bottochino Marble

Size: 2x2 Feet

Customization Option: Yes

Usage: Coffee table top, centre and end table top.

Finish Type: Polished with step moulded edges.

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Product Description

Introducing our extraordinary Italian Bottochino Marble Table Top with Natural Stone Inlay Work – a fusion of Italian opulence and authentic Indian artistry that transports you to a world of timeless beauty and cultural elegance. Immerse yourself in the harmony of two distinct artistic traditions, meticulously woven together to create a truly remarkable piece.

Crafted from the prestigious Italian Bottochino marble, renowned for its creamy tones and luxurious feel, this tabletop exudes a refined and sophisticated aura. The smooth surface serves as the perfect backdrop for the intricate inlay work, allowing the natural stones to shine. 

Select from a range of sizes to fit your space perfectly, allowing you to showcase this fusion of Italian and Indian artistry in a way that suits your surroundings.

Experience the artful blend of Italian craftsmanship and Indian heritage with our Italian Bottochino Marble Table Top featuring Natural Stone Inlay Work. Embrace the captivating narrative of cultures uniting in harmony, and make this table top a testament to your appreciation for the finest things in life.